Saturday, December 02, 2006

Shall we say consignment MO%&$#GGH##@!

Let me start off by saying that much is to be said for a person in today's times to make it successfully by any means necessary. The reason I state this is that for all of the dreams and desires one may have stored deep within themselves; it takes an even stronger person to pull that source of strength in actually succeeding.

The more I delve into learning this craft of publishing the more I praise god in giving me yet another challenge in my time here on this earth.

I love unity and it's a beautiful thing; however, I don't like when someone takes my kindness for weakness, or my size for granted, or my soft voice for a pullover or young punk.
Now with this said, I love the support that I have received with displaying "The ins and outs of the fashion industry-from a fashion insider" whether the positive and negative experiences.
As I've gotten more mature I've learned that I do have the discipline to deal with certain types of people and personalities. However, I've also lost a lot of my patience - which is why god's angels watch over me from time to time.

Let me share, as I'm sure many of my author friends may have run across the same kind of ignorance and unique attitudes when doing follow-ups on consignment payments and soforth.
Now as much as I love my small book stores something is to be said for the devious and political turnarounds when dealing with some of them.

Recently after getting the run around from a store that carried my book for many months; it dawned on me after some time that "Hey, I'm owed money!" Too long of a story to give the full details, but after a whirlwind in getting my money and moving on from the experience. I was met with Sista Black.

Sista Black is my reference of a person of color who has a answer to everything on the plight of Black people in this country. Don't mis-understand I can be quite militant as well. But there's something to be said for those that demean and display a belittling attitude when trying to teach and politicize while addressing you with "My sister, My sister".

Well Sister Black alerted me that I did not pronounce the shop owner's name correctly upon entering the shop, and she was confused on my visit.
Shall we say consignment MO%&$GGH##@!

While looking into this sista's eyes - the angels were at my side to protect her from me as we played the semantics war back and forth. While I held my tongue as this woman felt compelled to educate me a two time college degree graduate, on her confusion while handing me my check.

Ok Seize- let me digress!!!!

For my fellow authors who have to put up with the asinine forces that comes along in getting some shine in marketing their product, just remember...

Don't be discouraged!
Don't allow negative and brash behaviour remove you from your calling!
Don't allow those whose strong talk cloud your senses on bull crap!
Know when business is sour and move the hell on!
Know when street politics and how a business confronts their business- conducts business!
Don't be blind, you're seeing correctly!

Remember to be classy!
Remember to be professional!

and with all powers try not to approach the situation with-
Shall we say consignment MO%&#GGH##@!
But baby you can think it!!!!



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