Sunday, September 10, 2006

Woes of a Writer!

Well, I must say...
This writing business is indeed hard work. When an author decides to self publish and run the gamut on their own; it is tedious work!

One of my team members had some words with a bookstore manager recently when a simple inquiry turned into a severe scolding from the manager. The manager felt that the inquiry which initially led to questions on how my book can get into his store was misleading, and if we wanted to know that from the beginning how to get the book in his store, we should have stated that from the beginning.

Well after me taking the hone to answer the manager directly- let me add I wouldn't want my book in a store where the staff is not going to give my book the push it deserves, and this is exactly what I stated to the manager. It's okay if the book is not in all stores.

For those writers out there, one rule that I'm definately seeing first hand is that your hard work and grind may not be appreciated everywhere. So on that note, don't lose your self respect in dealing with unmovable book owners, or nasty attitudes and unprofessional behaviors. It's ok not to be in all bookstores in the country- of course we may want that total goal in mind, but not at the expense of losing your cool and dignity.

When 5 doors turn their back, at the end of the tunnel there will 2 more that will welcome you with open arms. When you get those two that treasure your craft, you give the best show and enthusiasm you have left to show you appreciate their support. The impression will be lasting.

The woes of a writer is to keep it moving by all means.



Blogger Mizrepresent said...

I hear ya! Don't let a close door stop you.

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